Wednesday, July 15, 2015

windows nut client configuration

Part 2... (continued from part 1, here)

1. Allow remote connections on the server

# sudo vi /etc/nut/upsd.conf

Add a listen directive to the IP:

LISTEN (your IP) 3439

And then restart upsd:

# sudo pkill upsd
# sudo upsd

Make sure it came back, and that the new directive is good:

# sudo upsc bu650@localhost
# sudo upsc bu650@(your IP)

2. Add a slave user on the server

# sudo vi /etc/nut/upsd.users

    password = somethingelse
    actions = SET
    instcmds = ALL
    upsmon slave

3. Install WinNut

Here is the most recent project page, here is the downloads page (not updated since 2011, ack). and here is a direct link to the most recent msi installer.  Verified to work on Windows 7.

Now install that sucker.

4. Configure WinNut

Open WinNut.  The second row should be labeled "Configuration file path", and have an edit button on the right side.

Click that.  This should open an editor to a upsmon.conf, just like we had on the server.  Add a monitor directive to the server, with the new slave credentials we created in step 2:

MONITOR mybu650@(your IP) 1 slave4u somethingelse slave

Save and close that, click "Apply and start WinNut", and then click the "View" button to see the log file.  If you did it all right, it should say that you're connected!

5. Conclusion

WinNut seems ultra weak.  But it also appears to work, so I'll let it go for now.  But not for long...


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