Monday, June 15, 2015

import local git repos to GOGS

A few months back I decided I needed a local git server of some kind, and after doing a little research settled on GOGS (who knows why), with a few runners up in case things got dicey with GOGS - Phabricator was one, among a few others.  Today I decided it was time to make the git server happen, and things got very dicey but I stuck with GOGS anyway.

Here are the clean and reduced instructions for cloning your local git repos into GOGS.  This is probably pretty basic for some people, but a git wizard I am not.

  1. Convert your local repos into a bunch of bare repos:

    mkdir bare-repos
    cd bare-repos
    git clone --bare --local /home/you/code/myfrivolousproject
    # repeat until there are "frivolousproject.git" dirs for all your frivolous projects inside bare-repos
  2. Convert them so we can use a dumb webserver:

    cd frivproj1
    git update-server-info -f # I'm not sure, but it seemed like I needed the -f
    cd ../frivproj2
    git update-server-info -f # also, thanks to this guy for this key step!
    # etc...
  3. Start a dumb webserver:

    cd bare-repos
    python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  4. In GOGS, hover over the + at the top right, choose "New Migration", then enter "http://LOCALIPADDR:8000/myfrivproj1".  You can figure out what to enter for the rest of the fields.  Authentication is not needed.  MAKE SURE you enter the actual IP of your client machine, and not localhost!  I think I screw this up every time.
  5. If you screw up, you'll get an extremely unhelpful 500 page, and something like "repository not found" in the logs.  Probably you forgot the update-server-info step, or started the webserver in the wrong directory.  But if you somehow managed to make it all work right, you'll get dropped into your new GOGS project page!
  6. After you do this, you may want to add the git repo as the origin to your local checkout.  cd to the checkout, and run git remote add origin $URL, where URL=the HTTPS link URL found in the gogs page project.

That took way too much work, I must be tired.

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